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Moving - Packaging

Transports - Moving - Lifting | Aspropoulos Markos

The company ASPROPOULOS Transport undertakes the removal of your home or your business space directly and economically.
Our experience in relocating with our experienced staff helps us serve you directly and provide you with the right advice throughout the entire period of your removal.
Our experienced partner is located directly in your area with a phone call for your evaluation without any charge.
The packaging materials we use are new and the best available on the Greek market.
● Dismantling furniture
Packing of furniture
● Disconnect electrical appliances and aircondition
Packing of electrical appliances and aircondition
● Disconnect light bodies
● Packaging of illuminated articles and artwork
● Putting clothes on special transport cabinets
● Packaging of musical instruments (piano, etc.) and large objects
● Unpacking and assembly of furniture
● Unpacking and connecting electrical appliances and aircondition
● Unpacking and connecting lights
● Unpacking of fragile artworks and placement
Our headquarters are located in Petroupoli and we serve all of Athens and all of Greece including the islands.

Kosti Palama 30 | Petroupoli

Telephone: 2105059537
Mobile: 6972839237, 6942771630
E-mail: easymovers65@gmail.com